Monday, October 09, 2006


I started this blog because I hope 1) to assist those who have questions about dispensationalism and 2) to challenge those who are committed to dispensationalism to reconsider the Biblical evidence. I am committed to keeping the tone irenic and charitable. I have no desire to host a SMOG (Slinging Mud On Blog).

I am qualified to provide an even-handed critique, as I was immersed in dispensationalism for ten years. I was part of a dispensational church for five years, and then, I spent five years at The Master’s Seminary, one of the top dispensational schools in the world. I graduated summa cum laude in May 2004 with a Master of Divinity. I am now the pastor of Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Kansas City, Missouri.

Most of my posts will be in one of these three categories that are unique to dispensationalism:

• Hermeneutics – literal interpretation, metaphor, typology, etc.
• Ecclesiology – Israel, the Church, dispensations, covenants, etc.
• Eschatology – end times, the rapture, pre-trib, pre-mill, etc.

My first few posts will be autobiographical sketches of my journey into and out of dispensationalism. These are not intended to be full-scale critiques with proof texts. That will come later. Pax.

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Mozzie said...

Hi pastor Eric,

I chanced upon your blog and was very intrigued by your posts on converting from dispensationalist to covenantalist.

Are there any ways that I can contact you regarding questions of these sort?