Friday, January 19, 2007

Leaving Dispensationalism Behind (Part Five)

In the middle of my fourth year in seminary, I embraced paedobaptism. This was the biggest hurdle because infant baptism is frequently portrayed as a Roman Catholic holdover from the Reformation. I fought this move harder than any other. I scoured both the library and internet for arguments for and against paedobaptism. However, the Biblical evidence began to be so overwhelming that I could see the writing on the wall. Intellectually, I was paedo for months before I could embrace it emotionally. This was a scary move because I knew that none of my classmates or professors would understand. Nevertheless, I had to follow the Scriptures at whatever “peril” to myself.

We eventually settled into the same church (PCA) that Big Red had joined. For all my fretting, joining a reformed church was a huge relief. I found instant camaraderie with a slew of former Baptists. The pastor was very generous with his time, and I was given numerous teaching opportunities. I developed some good friendships with many of the men in the church. At one time, the three interns at our church were myself, the Boneman, and the Craw. Quite a triumvirate! Those were the days.

I thought about transferring to a reformed seminary, but that would have set me back three years. I was ready to graduate and start to pastor, so I decided to remain at Master’s, and looking back, that was the best decision. I finished up my last three semesters and graduated in May 2004.

In January 2005, we moved back to Kansas City to pastor Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA). We have been there two years now, and it has been a constant blessing to us.

There are many more autobiographical details that I hope to share later, but I wanted to provide an overview of my journey. Hopefully, this will resonate with those who are thinking about leaving dispensationalism behind. Pax.


Brett said...

Dude, you gotta give me more from this era. This seems way too truncated.


Eric Adams said...

Yes, there are a lot more details to tell, but I was going for the big picture with respect to my journey out of dispensationalism. By closing that out, now I can focus on specific issues and details.

Theisens said...

Yeah, those were the days...the glory days at VPC.

David said...

I have enjoyed reading about your journey. I am on that journey right now. I am a TMC grad and took some units at TMS. How did you find the ordination process with the PCA? From the "Book of Church Order," it looks like quite a process.

Jerry said...

Two words: Westminster West.