Thursday, June 14, 2012

Are the Jews Still "The People of God"?

One of the oddest features of Dispensationalists is their insistence that the Jews are still “the People of God.”

It is understandable to speak of a mass salvation of ethnic Jews in some future generation, calling that future generation of ethnic Jews part of the People of God.

And, it is understandable to speak of contemporary ethnic Jews who are Christians as part of the People of God.

But, Dispensationalists go further than this. They insist that the Jews are still “the People of God” right now. That is, all ethnic Jews living today are “the People of God,” regardless of their faith. Whether they are atheists or animists, it makes no difference. Race is all that matters.

What are the implications of this? Are unbelieving ethnic Jews in a different category than other unbelievers? In what sense can unbelievers be called the “the People of God”?

Such designations give a false impression about the current status of unbelieving ethnic Jews. But, let us be clear about this: an unbelieving ethnic Jew is just as lost as an unbelieving Gentile.

Unbelieving ethnic Jews will not be resurrected to life. They will not reign with Christ in a Jewish Millennium. They will not dwell in the Promised Land forever. They will not enter the Kingdom.

Millions and millions and millions of ethnic Jews have died as unbelievers. Are these millions of unbelieving ethnic Jews who have died still “the People of God”? Are there millions of God’s People in hell? Or, is this title revoked from unbelieving ethnic Jews at their death?

Furthermore, untold millions of ethnic Jews will be born before Christ returns. For those who are not elect, they will die as unbelievers and suffer the same judgment as all other unbelievers. Their race will not rescue them from God’s wrath. Their blood will not save them.

What’s the point of calling unbelieving ethnic Jews “the People of God”? This only promotes confusion.


felixthecat777888 said...

Jews never were for they are imposters. They are not Israelites but A people of the land of Turkey which are found in Ezekiel 38-39. John even warned us in Rev 2:9. In Exodus 2:13-19 and Acts 21:37-40 we are told the Israelites looked Egyptian. Palestinians were tested using DNA test and found to be Semites showing most Christians are following the wrong people . Surely after they are consumed in God's judgment then the whole house of Jacob will be restored but not before they are saved first which is found in Ezekiel 39:21-29

pwx13 said...

Here is the deal, the Jews are still God's chosen people according to revelation 11-13. The two witnesses preach and then the Jews turn to God in revelation 11, revelation 12 the Jews are protected from Satan, and revelation 13 the Antichrist is turned lose on the saints and kill the saints. There isn't any room for any other interpretations than that. You can't use other verses or chapters to try to scoot around these facts

Eric Adams said...

Here's the deal, you've got most of the facts wrong. Rev 11-13 says nothing about how the Jews are still the people of God today. Antichrist isn't mentioned at all in this passage. Read the rest of my blog. Rev 11-13 were fulfilled in the first century.

Straight Gospel Preaching said...

Nowhere does it say the Jews are God's chosen people in Rev 11-13. Fact.

manho valentine said...

Here is the deal, the Jews are still God's chosen people according to revelation